Welcome to my academic website. I am a Continuing Instructor in the Department of English at University of South Florida in Tampa, and I specialize in Technical/Professional communications. I also coordinate the Technical Communication and New Media Internship Program, placing students with businesses and organizations in work-learning situatons.

You'll find me discussing issues related to technical and professional communications pedagogy, especially in terms of bringing an appreciation of "real world" applications to students enveloped in formal study and perhaps not aware of the types of issues and situations encountered in the workplace. In the Springl 2011 semester, I'll be concentrating on teaching Communications for Engineers and developing the internship program, and my comments will pertain primarily to the challenges of students who will enter the engineering or technical writing profession in just a year or two. Learning to communicate technical information in a clear and concise manner will be essential for these students-turned-engineers.


While my primary academic concern right now is engineering communications, my doctorate is in literature, and you'll also find me discussing a wide range of issues related to 19th Century British Literature as well as to modernism and graphic art. I'll provide access to a blog encouraging discussion of literary issues, and I'll also offer links to websites and other works I find important in my areas of interest.

For my students.

This site also will serve as a portal for my students. I'll maintain links to the content management systems used in my classes, including Moodle, Blackboard, and SharePoint as well as to useful sources of engineering research material and references concerning technical communications. I intend for this site to become a one-stop-shop for information related to student assignments and tools essential for developing professional engineering careers. Please stop by frequently.