Curriculum Vitae.

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Definition and Etymology.

curriculum, a course; spec. a regular course of study or training, as at a school or university. (The recognized term in the Scottish Univerities.) curriculum vitæ, the course of one's life; a brief account of one's career.

1633Munimenta Univ. Glasg. (1854) III. 379 Finito anni curriculo discessurum. 1643Ibid. II. 317 Curriculum quinque annorum. 1824 J. R USSELLTour Germ. (1828) I. iii. 134 When the [German] student has finished his curriculum, and leaves the university. 1829Glasg. Univ. Cal. 39 The curriculum of students who mean to take degrees in Surgery to be three years. 1870 R OLLESTONAnim. Life Introd. 84 The completion of the entire curriculum of metamorphosis. 1888 B URGONLives 12 Gd. Men II. ix. 201 Butler's immortal Work has..been elbowed out from the Oxford curriculum. 1902New Internat. Encycl. III. 21/2 Anciently biography was more of a mere curriculum vitæ than it is now. 1939 ‘M. I NNES ’Stop Press II. iv. 269, I don't know much about Benton's curriculum vitæ... He must have an orthodox..academic record. 1941 K OESTLERScum of Earth 59 His superiors..knew all about my professional travels from the curriculum vitae in their files, written by myself. 1954New Yorker 25 Dec. 18/2 As for Mr. Lapidus's curriculum vitae, he was born in Russia fifty-two years ago, grew up in Brooklyn, graduated from the Columbia School of Architecture in 1927, and took a job with the well-known firm of Warren & Wetmore. 1971Time 22 Mar. 14/2 Eddie's curriculum vitae..has been served up in plentiful quantity in the press.

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